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Documents to Bring with you

Documents to bring with you for payroll processing:

A. Direct Deposit information

A banking document must be submitted for a domestic checking or savings account. Any of the following are acceptable:

1. Voided check.

2. Typed memo from the banking institution that includes the full routing and account numbers. Memos should be on             bank letterhead and signed by a bank official.

3. Copy of a bank statement that includes the full routing and account numbers.

4. Counter checks - Full name and address will need to be written on the top of the check

B. Identification to present for Form I-9

Only original, unexpired documents will be accepted. NO PHOTOCOPIES  

1. You may view the List of Acceptable Documents. [pdf]  Employees must present one item From List A or a combination of one item from List B and one item from List C.

2. All List B documents presented must contain a photo to comply with E-verify regulations.