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WVU ENEWS Release October 28, 2009

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FAQs About Payroll to Arrears

Why is WVU doing this?

To keep in compliance with state laws and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Does this affect all employees of WVU?

No. Since July 1, 2002, all newly hired employees to WVU have been paid in arrears. This change will only affect non-exempt employees who started before July 1, 2002. All employees that were salaried before payroll in arrears will be salaried after the change. No one will be moved to hourly that previously was not.

Does this affect employees on main campus only?

No.This switch will affect all non-exempt employees who started before 2002 at WVU’s regional campuses as well as main campus.

Why does this affect only non-exempt employees?

Under the payroll to arrears, non-exempt employees will be paid for approved hours and work performed.

To be placed into arrears payroll, will a paycheck not be received for Nov. 13, 2009?

No. All non-exempt emoloyees changing from a current payroll status to arrears status will receive a paycheck Nov. 13, 2009. The check will be the gross of the employees normal semi-monthly pay minus the middle of the month deductions. The payment will be categorized as “No Hardship Payment”.

Will I still get the same number of paychecks?

Yes. The number of paychecks will not change. However, upon termination, the gross amount of the “No Hardship Payment” will be deducted from the employee’s last paycheck. This final check arrives the next pay cycle after termination.

Will the amount of each check be the same?

Yes. The amount in each paycheck will not change.